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  • Why Sell on Domestic Beekeepers' Marketplace?

    1.     We want to help you reach more customers that will appreciate your product.

    2.     We will help you build an awesome brand.

    3.     With our help, selling online will be easier than most other methods of direct sales you currently have.

    4.     We want to take the stress of selling out of the equation so you can focus on producing awesome honey.


  • How it will work?

    1.    We will set you up with your own virtual stand which will be used to tell your story, share insights about your product and production and most importantly highlight you, the beekeeper.

    2.    Your product will be seen worldwide. 

    3.    Receive true customer reviews visible to all

    4.    Tell your story, receive wide appreciation

    5.    It will cost you much less than other sales channels

    6.    Participate in spreading the awareness of the dangerous issue of bee colony collapse disorder and how it can affect

    7.    Bee Good To The Earth. Pollinate more!


  • Great Apiaries are built on Happy Customers!







    Sell online at Domestic Beekeepers’ Marketplace



    Direct Wholesale and Retail sales



    Advanced marketing capabilities


    Sell 24 hours a day


    User-friendly online market


    Listing your products is easy


    Manage your products and pricing in an instant


    Take control of your order’s shipments with ease


    Get paid


    Start building product reviews and repeat customers

    from the Start


    Great Apiaries are built on Happy Customers!